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About Us


At Prescott Group we promote the rights of persons with disabilities to be in control of their own lives, to make decisions, and work towards their own goals in employment, skill development and community participation. We support the rights of our participants to be included in the community on equal terms with others and will work with our participants as active partners to achieve their goals.

Prescott Group strives to be a safe place where all people are valued, respected, and celebrated, a place that values diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion. Our workplace aims to be a place where people can grow professionally and personally, working together to build on individual and unique strengths.

As a non-profit organization, Prescott Group takes its role as a community and business partner seriously, providing a professional and high-quality service and contributing to the wider community through partnerships, strong relationships, shared expertise, and thoughtful communication.


Prescott Group programs and services are designed to be accessible to people who have Intellectual Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities. We focus our work on supporting people who face increased barriers to inclusion.