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Employment Services

We partner with over 25 community employers.

Assisting participants to succeed in community employment positions is what our employment service program is all about!

Our employment coaches are there to support participants on every step of their journey to obtaining and sustaining rewarding positions. Our employment coaches guide, assist and support, but above all else they really listen to participants to gain a deep understanding of their aspirations, hopes and dreams. Working closely with each individual, our employment coaches review career expectations and assess skills and interests to determine the ideal position and work environment.

Our employment coaches offer:

  • Resume and interview preparation
  • Job search planning and assistance
  • On-site training
  • On-going assistance and support to ensure continued success

Through participation in community employment, participants gain:

  • Valuable training and experience
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • New friends and co-workers
  • Enhanced community living skills
  • Increased financial and personal independence
  • Opportunities to work in positive and rewarding positions


For our community employment partners

In partnership with businesses and organizations in the community, participants experience successful careers in diverse and challenging fields such as office administration, custodial and building maintenance, day care, food services, interdepartmental mail services, manufacturing, retail and shipping. We offer our community employment business partners with:

  • Opportunities to hire employees with the dedication and enthusiasm to succeed
  • Full support from the employment coaches in every step of the hiring, orientation and training process
  • Education and awareness of intellectual disabilities
  • On-going follow up and support


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Shannon Webber | Job Coach and Employment Supports

Adrienne McCormick | Job Coach and Employment Supports

Tim Vassallo | Job Links Club Co-ordinator

Charlene Kuhn | Community Options and Employment Supports

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