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Prescott Group is proud of our partnership with Scotiabank that greatly benefits both organizations.  Employees of Scotiabank give generously of their time and talents by volunteering at our Annual Walk-a-thon and Christmas Tea and Sale.  These events provide the Scotiabank employees with a rewarding volunteer experience and the opportunity to learn more about Prescott Group while interacting with our participants, supporters and customers.  In addition, Prescott Group receives a financial donation of up to $5000 per special event!

In 2014, 2015 and again in 2016, Scotiabank employees participated in our Annual Walk-a-thon where they assisted by barbequing hotdogs, running water stations, counting pledges and monitoring traffic.  We were happy to welcome back Scotiabank employees to help us out with our Annual Christmas Tea and Sale in 2014 and 2015.  They assisted in many different areas including the café, new-to-you, craft table, raffle ticket table and so much more!  The Scotiabank volunteers got to see first-hand, the overwhelming community support for Prescott Group as over 500 people attended this much-anticipated event.

We look forward to the participation of Scotiabank employees at our future fundraising events.  Thank you Scotiabank for your support and commitment to Prescott Group, our participants and our mission.