Member of DirectioNS

Parts for Trucks, Inc.

Parts for Trucks, Inc. has a long history of supporting Prescott Group and persons with intellectual disabilities.  On October 29, 2014, we were pleased to recognize Parts for Trucks, Inc.’s commitment to Prescott Group as both a supporter and customer with our Corporate Social Responsibility Award.  For nearly thirty years, Parts for Trucks has supported Prescott Group by contracting with our Atlantic Bag Manufacturers division to produce mechanic hats.  This contract to produce thousands of much needed mechanic hats for our valued customer provides our participants with the opportunity to develop skills such as sewing and silk screen printing while greatly contributing to the financial health of our social enterprise.

On June 19, 2014, participants and staff were invited on a tour of Parts for Trucks and treated to a barbecue which proved to be the perfect occasion to present the first ever Corporate Social Responsibility Award to Mr. Paul Raymond, President of Parts for Trucks.

Prescott Group is proud of this long-standing partnership and we extend our sincere appreciation to each and every member of the Parts for Trucks family of employees, contractors and customers.