COVID-19 Guidelines

Dear Participants, Family members and Caregivers,

We are busy at Prescott, doing everything we can so we can re-open safely to as many participants as possible this coming Monday, January 17. Your instructor or supervisor will call you to arrange times and days for you to return if, and when, we have space.

If you are not ready to return right now, that’s OK! We will still have Zoom programs every day and it will not affect your spot at Prescott. Email if you need help getting on Zoom.

Department of Community Services has given us new guidelines for when you come back to Prescott. These rules are to help keep you safe and healthy:

  • You must wear a medical grade mask at all times while you are at Prescott. We will give you a mask when you arrive. You will only be able to take it off at meal or snack times. You can wear your own cloth mask on top of the medical mask if you like. If you want to bring your own N95 mask, please do. If you have trouble wearing a mask, it would be a good idea to practice before you come back to Prescott.
  • We will all keep 6ft apart from each other at all times. The only exception is that staff will still be available to give you help if you need it. We can still do physical activity and go to different spaces – we just have to be careful to give each other lots of space.
  • We will clean all ‘high touch’ areas regularly, and we will support you to clean your area regularly.
  • When the weather is not too cold or wet, we will go outside for breaks and walks as much as possible. Please bring your outdoor clothes.
  • Please do not come to Prescott if you have any symptoms of Covid 19 at all. If you have a headache, fever, no taste or smell, runny nose, sore throat, cough, cold-like symptoms, or tiredness: stay at home.
  • If you develop a symptom, while you are at Prescott, we will send you home. Please make sure there is someone available in case that happens.
  • If you are a close contact of someone who has Covid, do not come to Prescott for 72 hours. This includes someone who does not live in your house. After the 72 hours are up, you need to have a negative Covid test and be free of symptoms before you return.
  • If you have Covid, please stay home for 10 days after the first day you had symptoms. Do not return to Prescott if you still have symptoms.
  • If someone in your group at Prescott is positive for Covid, we will close the area for 72 hours and people will only return when staff and participants have had a negative Covid test and are symptom free.
  • We will give you two rapid Covid tests to take home with you every week. You can do the test at home or at Prescott. Remember, rapid tests are not the same as PCR tests – if you get a negative result, you might still have Covid. If you have symptoms, act as if you have Covid.

We have advocated for a vaccine clinic at Prescott but at the moment Public Health does not have a plan for this to happen. Please book your booster shot as soon as possible through the government website.

We are sending our very best wishes to everyone in our community who is affected by Covid at the moment. If you live in a group home in Halifax and are currently self-isolating, North End Baking Company can help by delivering home cooked meals to your door. Please email for a menu and more information.

Warmest wishes,

Alice Evans
Executive Director

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Prescott Group is located in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq. We are all Treaty people.

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