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Blue Nose Marathon

Team Prescott wins 1st Place at the Scotiabank Charity Challenge for the size of our team in 2019! Check out our celebration video here.


TEAM PRESCOTT 2020 (postponed until May 2021)

A poster advertising the prospect of joining the Bluenose Marathon with Team Prescott. The poster features a group photo of all the past participants from a prior year, and has a piece of text below that reads "Join the award-winning Team Prescott!" However, the poster is plastered with a large green banner over top, with the words "Deferred to May 2021" on it.




We did it!

For the first time ever, Team Prescott joined the Blue Nose Marathon. 

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, over 50 members of Team Prescott, joined thousands of attendants at the 5km race.

Being front and centre at this iconic community event was life-changing. Participants, staff and friends alike are already excited for next year.

Not only did we meet Blue Nose Marathon mascot Myles, create a Team Prescott cheer and find ourselves on CTV news, we raised over $17,000 in support of a Prescott Group van. (See story here.)

A collage of 9 images. They consist of participants at Prescott Group meeting Miles, the mascot from the Bluenose Marathon.