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Annual General Meeting

We celebrate Prescott’s 2020-2021 year on Wednesday, October 6 via zoom due to Covid.
You can see our Annual Report located below.

2020 Annual Report Prescott Group

Agenda Prescott AGM 2021

AGM Minutes October 21, 2020

5 By-Laws of Prescott Group Society Updated June 12 2013

Proposed By-Laws of Prescott Group Society Update Oct 6 2021

Financial Statements FINAL Prescott FS 2021

Board of Directors:

Re-elected for a one year term: Mona Reeves, Sadira Jan, Shelley St Peters

Elected for a two year term: Mark Tector

Continuing Board Members who are serving another year of their term: Bud Malay, Jacqueline Klaus, Rod Kerr, Mallory Mills, Derek Flynn, Jessica Severyns, Ian MacArthur, Cindy Mills, David DiPersio