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Our History

The Prescott Group Story

The Early Years

Our story begins in 1962. We started with a small activity centre housed in St. Mary’s Basilica Hall on Barrington Street that served ten participants with the support of two employees and parent volunteers. By 1970 we were working with 18 participants under the name of Adult Services Centre. Our activities included rug hooking, packaging seeds and Christmas cards and producing crafts for the Atlantic Winter Fair. The 1970’s brought continued growth – we operated out of two centres, one on Oxford Street and one on Windsor Street, with new services such as job placement and a new business called Sunshine Catering.

The Transition Years – the 1980’s

In 1981, we moved to our current home on Prescott Street. This move enabled the expansion of all our programs and services. Sunshine Catering became Fireside Kitchen and the program expanded to include both training and production kitchens. Atlantic Bag Manufacturers, a business primarily sewing and screenprinting canvas bags was established.

In 1986, we renewed our focus by developing individual vocational programs built on the goals and aspirations of each participant. We initiated the supported work model of employment which eventually evolved into present day Prescott Employment Services.

Modern History – the 1990’s to 2010

On March 23, 1990, a new Society was formed called the Halifax Adult Services Society. From this point on we became our own entity separate from the Canadian Association for Community Living (Halifax Branch). The 1990’s marked a decade of both opportunities and challenges. Working with over 100 participants, we expanded the operations of Fireside Kitchen, Atlantic Bag Manufacturers and our Mailing Services departments.

In 2001, we changed our name to Prescott Group. Our buildings received an extensive renovation project in 2005, and we established annual fundraisers Tea & Sale and Walk-a-Thon to raise the funds needed to support and develop the talents of participants.

Today & Beyond

Today, Prescott Group serves 150+ exceptional participants and employs 40 expert staff. We manage four social enterprises on site: North End Bakery & Cafe (previously known as Fireside Kitchen), Prescott Custom Creations (previously known as Atlantic Bag Manufacturers), Prescott Mailing Services and Prescott Online Auction and Thrift Store. We provide job coaching to support community based employment, fair wage employment, Job Link Clubs, Community Options, recreational options, life skills and personal development programming.