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Vocational Programs

The operation of the vocational programs is combined with the operation of three small business enterprises that generate both vocational training opportunities for our clients and revenue for our programs. Clients working within the vocational programs are encouraged to consider employment in the community. Our three vocational programs/businesses are:


Atlantic Bag Manufacturers

Atlantic Bag Manufacturers operates sewing and screen-printing programs that teach skills such as sewing, silk-screening, quality control, and proper use of equipment.


Fireside Kitchen

Fireside Kitchen teaches a variety of food preparation and service skills including proper food handling techniques, proper use of equipment, and customer service.


On-Line Auction

The On-Line Auction teaches a variety of skills including problem solving, sorting, quality control, time management and using photography and social media.


Prescott Mailing Services

Prescott Mailing Services teaches a variety of bulk mail preparation skills including labeling, envelope stuffing, folding, collating, postal code sorting, and shrink-wrapping.