Personal Development Services

PrevocClientPic-200x300Clients of Personal Development Services participate in a variety of activities that focus on enhancing work and life skills. Clients in our personal development programs work on contracts such as preparing the Kinsmen Bingo cards and packaging items for Value Village.  Clients also support the completion of contract work performed by our mailing service by assisting with collating, labeling and sealing.  Clients also lend support to our other business ventures by assisting with tasks such as shredding, sealing, recycling and doing laundry.

personal-development-1Our clients actively enjoy participating in leisure and life skills activities designed to enhance daily living skills, communication skills and good work habits. The focus is on developing positive relationships and enhancing personal independence. Our clients participate in a variety of social events such as the annual walk-a-thon and barbecue and Christmas dance.  The overall goal of our Personal Development Services is to provide our clients with opportunities for individual programming and the development of personal independence in an environment that fosters respect and dignity.