Member of DirectioNS

Norman Meagher

MG_5924-2Norman started his career at Prescott Group in December of 1974 and has been a dedicated client arriving to work each day with a positive attitude and a smile on his face. Over the years Norman has worked in many different areas of Prescott Group including Fireside Kitchen, silk screening at Atlantic Bag Manufacturers, maintenance, general contracts and in our personal development prorams. Norman says that he has enjoyed participating in each and every program area and had a favourite activity in each. When Norman started working in Fireside Kitchen he enjoyed making a variety of cookies each day. Norman says that he found the work at Atlantic Bag Manufacturers very interesting and enjoyed making aprons and working in the silk screening department placing designs on bags and other products. Norman then started working in general contracts where he worked on numerous mail service contracts developing skills such as collating, folding, stuffing, stamping and sealing.  Norman excels at labeling and continues to enjoy working on mail service contracts in Personal Development Services Contracts. In addition to working on mail contracts, Norman also participates in recycling bulbs from the Christmas Lights campaign, bingo, MG_5927academics, arts and crafts and life skills. Norman is a hard worker who likes to keep busy and he always asks for more work when he has finished the job at hand. Norman likes making special occasion cards for his co-workers and staff and doing art projects depicting animals or nature scenes. Norman’s favourite game is bingo, especially when there are prizes to be won! He is also an outdoor enthusiast and an avid walker who never misses a chance to get some fresh air.  One of Norman’s favourite memories is the day that a long-time friend stopped by Prescott Group and treated him to lunch downtown. Norman was so excited to spend time with an old friend and continues to talk about this surprise lunch to this day. Norman is an enthusiastic and dedicated client of Prescott Group whose kind-hearted and friendly nature is appreciated by everyone who is fortunate enough to know him.