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Jennifer Cain

JenniferCainPicJennifer’s career at Stantec, an engineering firm in Dartmouth, started out as a job sharing position in 2006. When her job sharing partner moved out of the city, Jennifer happily agreed to working 5 days per week.  She is now responsible for the maintenance of several staff kitchens which involves ensuring the cleanliness of the tables, chairs, counters, and all appliances such as fridges, microwaves and toaster ovens. Considering that there are 350 employees working at Stantec’s Dartmouth office, Jennifer’s job keeps her very busy and on the move!  Jennifer loves working at Stantec. She has developed positive relationships with her co-workers and truly enjoys participating in the social aspects of work. Jennifer never misses a chance to attend summer barbeques, Christmas parties and staff lunches and always arrives with her signature bright smile lighting up her face. Through her employment with Stantec, Jennifer has been able to save enough money to fund her love of travel. Jennifer has sailed the seas on a Caribbean cruise, visited Jamaica and explored Disney World, twice! Our employment coaches have assisted Jennifer in finding a job she loves and that she wakes up each day looking forward to heading off to work.  Through her community employment position, Jennifer has gained greater independence and is living life to the fullest! When asked what she likes about her job, Jennifer says “My job is wonderful, I really love it. Every time I come in I have a smile on my face. Everyone says I am glad you are here, what would we do if you weren’t here. I like everything.”