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Ian Wright

Meet Our ClientsIan has done nearly everything when it comes to working at Prescott Group! Ian joined us in July of 1997 when he finished high school. His first position was working in Fireside Kindling and the Small Assembly Shop where he recycled old pallets into kindling and painted newspaper tubes for the Chronicle Herald. When this program was discontinued in 2004, Ian brought his strong work ethic and experience to Fireside Kitchen where he assisted with a wide variety of tasks.

Today Ian works part time in Prescott Mailing Services where he performs all the tasks involved in the mail service such as folding, stuffing, labeling, counting, bundling, sealing and postal code sorting for contracts both big and small. Ian brings a wealth of experience to the mail room and his enthusiasm for working as part of a team has quickly spread to his co-workers. His willingness to lend a hand to both staff and fellow clients is greatly appreciated by everyone!  Given his love of working with others, it’s no surprise that Prescott Group isn’t the only place where Ian is a valued team member.

MG_7129In February of 2012, Ian travelled all the way to St. Albert’s, Alberta to represent Team Nova Scotia in floor hockey at the Special Olympics with the team landing an impressive third place finish! Ian has also taken the skills he has learned through the various positions he has held at Prescott Group and applied them to a paid position in the community. With the support and encouragement of our employment coaches, Ian has obtained a part-time position as a Warehouse Processor at Home Sense where he assembles lamps and other furniture one day a week.

It comes as no surprise that Ian’s favourite part of the job is getting to know the people he works with. Ian now balances his work at Home Sense with his 3-day a week position at Prescott Mailing Services and his busy schedule as a Special Olympics athlete.

The experience Ian has gained at Prescott Group has helped him explore new opportunities, become even more involved in the community and lead a very active and busy life!