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Chase the Ace

Chase the Ace (Round 2: Live Draw starts May 9, 2019)


Tickets are: 3 for $5 or 12 for $20 (get all four colours)

Tune in to Facebook Thursdays at 12:30pm for LIVE draw co-hosted by Prescott clients.


Get your tickets here:

      • Prescott (3430 Prescott St, Halifax, NS)
      • Prescott Employment Services (7071 Bayers Rd, suite 153, Halifax, NS)
      • Halcraft Printing (2688 Robie St, Halifax, NS)
      • Nedtek Computer Solutions Inc (479 Sackville Dr, Lower Sackville, NS)
      • Northwood Care (2615 Northwood Terr, Halifax, NS)

Or call (902) 454-7387 Ext.21


Jackpot! Congrats to Doreen Johnson and family, winners of Prescott’s Chase the Ace draw (Round One: ended April 18, 2019) 

Check out media release and live video.

Check it out: Chase the Ace Winners (Round 2)

Check it out: Chase the Ace House Rules

Lucky winner's list (Round 1: ended April 18, 2019)

How Does Chase the Ace Work? Chase the Ace is a weekly lottery. Every week, 50% of ticket sales are attributed to Prescott as a fundraiser and 30% is added to the jackpot. The remaining 20% is allocated to the lottery winner. The lottery winner also then draws a card from a deck of playing cards and wins the accumulated jackpot if the Ace of Spades is drawn. If not, the reduced deck is kept for the following week's game. The jackpot accumulates from week-to-week until it is won.


Want to help us sell tickets?  

Contact (902) 454-7387 Ext. 21 or email for more information.