Member of DirectioNS

Prescott Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Prescott enhances the independence of adults with an intellectual challenge.

Prescott does this through the development of skills and participation in social enterprise, personal development and employment.


Vision Statement

All adults with an intellectual challenge are included in their community.



Client Focus

  • Prescott is committed to the success of every client.
  • Prescott encourages clients to be active citizens and participate in their community.
  • Prescott provides meaningful opportunities for clients.

Safe and Supportive Environment

  • Prescott creates a respectful, supportive and dignified environment that fosters independence for clients.
  • Prescott ensures personal safety for clients and staff.
  • Prescott is ethical and fair in their relations with clients and staff.

Community Engagement and Accountability

  • Prescott builds and sustains strong connections with partners in the community.
  • Prescott leverages their social enterprises to work collectively, with other agencies and with the community.
  • Prescott is transparent and accountable in their business operations.
  • Prescott is accountable to clients and the community for the provision of excellent services.